Plan for the establishment of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Diponegoro has been started since 1980, which is manifested by receiving a Bachelor of Psychology as a lecturer who is placed at some faculties in Diponegoro University, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Arts, and the School of Public Health. DosenJdosen with scientific backgrounds Psikologitersebut also involved in Diponegoro University Student Consultative Board (BKM Undip).
In 1991, Diponegoro University Rector, Prof. dr. Moeljono S. Trastotenojo obtain permission from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Fuad Hasan to set up the Faculty of Psychology. Endeavor to set up the Faculty of Psychology Undip dikeluarkannyaSurat resulted in the decision of the Director General of Higher Education on August 18, 1995 under number 362 / Dikti / Kep / 1995, which are received by the Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Muladi, SH as a foundation permit program was established to have its SJ1 Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University.
Rector appointed Drs. Darmanto’s, S.U., as Chairman of the Program of Psychology Undipyang first. DosenJdosen who pioneered early gait SJ1 Psychology Studies Program Undip at the time was Dra. Frieda NRH, M.S., Dra. Sri Hartati, M.S., Drs. Karyono, M.Sc., Dra. Holy Murtikarini, M.Sc., Dra. Siswati, M.Sc., Drs. Zaenal Abidin, Dra. Endang Sri Indrawati, and Drs. Asyhadi Abroza. By occupying one unit of the complex of buildings of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (now the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, or FSM), then in the academic year 1996/1997, P.S. Psychology Undip start accepting new students and their teaching practice began. On August 16, 2000, P.S. Psychology official Undip occupies a new building on campus Tembalang Undip. Since then all of the learning process is centered in the building.
P.S. Psychology Undip officially changed to the Faculty of Psychology Undip on April 24, 2007 with the publication of S.K. Rector of Diponegoro No. 28 / SK / J07 / 2007 on the establishment of the Faculty of Psychology. The legal basis for the change of status into the faculty is further enhanced by the issuance S.K. Minister of Education No. 65 Year 2009 concerning Organization and Work Procedure Undip. Starting on October 2, 2009, the Faculty of Psychology of the faculty at the University Diponegoro.Dekan keJ11 first elected then are Drs. Karyono, M.Sc.
In 2007, Drs. Darmanto’s, S.U., which by then had retired, was confirmed as the first professor of the Faculty of Psychology Undip. From pemikiranJpemikiran he, the pioneering vision of the psychology faculty yangberbasis family, especially the family of Indonesia began to be raised and socialized.
In 2010, the Faculty of Psychology Undip have a new dean of the building adjacent to the old building. Faculty of Psychology continues to grow today. Animo prospective students to the Faculty of Psychology Undip every year increases. Permanent lecturers and education staff has undergone a change and always strived to be adjusted by the ratio of the number of students who will be served, and supported by the infrastructure facilities and pre means more complete. Psychology Faculty Senate in its decision on December 4, 2013 stipulates that August 18 is also the anniversary date Anniversary of the Faculty of Psychology Undip.
Since 2000, undergraduate study program in psychology at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Diponegoro obtain accreditation B of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BANJPT). Until now SK last accreditation no. 174 / SK / Banj PT / AKJXVI / VIII / 2013 dated August 24, 2013 B accreditation is valid until August 24, 2018. Faculty of Psychology, University of Diponegoro is a member of the Association of Higher Education Psychology Indonesia (AP2TPI) that has the spirit of cooperation in order to realize the Higher Education Psychology qualified and able to compete on a global level.