Vision Mission Objectives & Graduate Profile

Being a family-based psychological development center Indonesia in 2020.


  1. Conduct psychological education Indonesia inclusive family based on other science and the development of the era.
  2. Carry out research and scientific publications based on family psychology Indonesia.
  3. Carry out community service to build a strong family based psychological assessment.

The purpose of education is to produce an undergraduate psychology:

  1. Mastering basic knowledge of psychology and objective observation techniques in interpreting human behavior according to the norms of psychology
  2. Globally competitive with superior character
  3. Having a sense of values Indonesiaan and active participation in solving problems in society
  4. Being able to conduct research, studies, and scientific publications in the field of psychology-based family
  5. Implement a code of ethics of science, research, and profession
  6. Master the principles and methods of assessment Psychology

Counselor (Counselor)
The roles that involve the provision of advice and suggestions to other people / groups to improve the ability and understanding to solve problems.

Assessor (Assessor)
The role that includes activities to obtain information through observation, interviews, and surveys, through the stages of administering to interpret it.

Researcher (Researcher)
Roles associated with psychological development through investigation of an issue critically and scientifically, as well as the ability to perform the interpretation of the phenomenon.

Educator (Educators)
The role that involves learning, mentoring and nurturing learners.

Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur)
The role that involves creativity, innovation, and courage to take risks, make decisions, have managerial skills, as well as understanding consumer behavior and marketing strategy to create jobs.

Manager (Manager)
The role that involves the ability to plan, organize, integrate various individual characteristics in the organization, predict the situation, as well as provide guidance, exercise control, and evaluation.

Trainer (Facilitator)
Roles related to the development of individuals and / or groups through prosesCproses identify training needs, facilitate implementation and evaluation of training programs.

Consultant (Consultant)
The role that involves analytical skills, an understanding of psychology and its applications to assist organizations in formulating objectives and strategies to be desired.

Developer Program (Program Composer)
The role that involves the ability to draw up a development program of training, education, and empowerment of individuals and groups.