Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama as Rector of Diponegoro University (Undip) and Dr. Hastaning Sakti, M.Kes., Psychologist as Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Undip signed the inauguration’s inscription of the new Faculty of Psychology Undip’s building which is located behind the Widya Puraya Undip Building on Thursday, January 17, 2018. In addition, Mrs. Sri Muryati as the wife of the late founder and Professor of Psychology Undip, Prof. Darmanto Jatman, was also involved in the procession of cutting jasmine ribbon bands in front of the main entrance of the basement floor.

This event invited various parties from outside the Faculty of Psychology Undip. Besides the rector, the director of HR, and all the deans at Undip, along with their staff; The Faculty of Psychology also invited lecturers and education staff who have moved assignment or pension, alumni from various classes, to various cooperation partners of the Faculty of Psychology Undip.

The eight-storey building called the magenta building, is currently claimed as the tallest building in the Tembalang Undip Campus, Semarang. The building with a height of 54 meters is located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level (masl). It faces the Java Sea as dreamed and mandated of the deceased Prof. Darmanto Jatman. This building is called as Undip’s First Bioclimatic and Biophilic Green Building which is environmentally friendly, prioritizing building safety, having ergonomic and diffable-friendly stairs and elevator. Because of this, the new building of Faculty of Psychology Undip has won an award before it was inaugurated, namely the Subroto Award, Field of Energy Efficiency in 2018.

The presence of this new building with an area of about 7,500 m2 from the total planning of about 17,000 m2 is expected to be a driving force for the performance improvement of the Faculty of Psychology Undip and to start the construction of other buildings in Undip with the similar concept. Although it is still being organized since the new building was inaugurated, several functions have been active in providing services since Monday, January 21, 2018.