Faculty of Psychology Universitas Diponegoro

BKMF is a consulting agency that facilitates the counseling process for students owned by the Faculty of Psychology, Undip.

BKMF aims to help deal with academic and non-academic problems experienced by students. The counseling services provided are in the form of individual and group counseling.

The counselors at BKMF are Undip Faculty of Psychology lecturers. As for those who can become BKMF clients are Undip Faculty of Psychology students.

The implementation of this counseling program is expected to help students solve their problems and be able to develop themselves and their academic results optimally.

BKMF will assist students as part of the academic community in finding solutions to academic and non-academic problems through several programs

BKMF Program

    1. Individual counseling (days and hours can be selected according to the counselor’s schedule). Counseling is carried out by a psychological code of ethics.
    2. FGD (Focused Group Discussion) as a form of group counseling, especially for students who are completing their thesis. Through this FGD, fellow thesis students can share experiences and find common solutions to problems faced in the thesis completion process. It is also hoped that they will be able to become a support group that can provide both psychological and academic support with the collaboration between BKMF and the Thesis Unit. The implementation of FGDs can be proposed by students or scheduled by BKMF if deemed necessary. The schedule and location of the FGDs are tentative.
    3. “Newspaper board” or suggestion box, messages, and wishes. All students can give suggestions, leave messages, or hopes for the progress of all students and improvements for the Faculty in writing which are then put in a box available in front of the BKMF room.

Activity of BKMF Psikologi UNDIP