As one of the most favorable fields of study, the UNDIP Faculty of Psychology is one of the first choices in the 2021 Indonesian National Selection for Public University (SNMPTN). Several figures were involved in the faculty’s honorable position. 

The dean of the UNDIP Faculty of Psychology, Prof. Dian Ratna Sawitri S.Psi., M.Si., Ph.D., is one of the most significant people behind the popularity of the UNDIP Faculty of Psychology. Prof. Witri said, “The seniors initiated hard work in the Faculty of Psychology. The authorities have also given maximum support for our faculty to mobilize and innovate in attracting the prospective students’ interests.” Whom was born in Semarang on 1 September 1978.

The dean is a first-gen student in the UNDIP Faculty of Psychology that previously was part of the Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Witri graduated in 2000. After gaining her professional diploma in Psychology, she continued her Master’s degree at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Psychology and graduated in 2008. She gained her Ph.D. in Australia at Griffith University for about 3 years, starting from 2010 to 2013. She was also the most outstanding UNDIP lecturer in 2016. She was honored with a postdoctoral fellowship through Fullbright from 2015 to 2016 in the department of Educational Psychology, school of education, located at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, United States.

In her interview, she said that students nowadays are attracted to learning the daily science. It is why the popularity of the UNDIP Faculty of Psychology is increasing. Furthermore, the Faculty sees this opportunity as a chance and encouragement to manage the faculty accessibility. As an accredited A faculty from BAN PTN (National Accreditation Board for Higher Education) since 2018, the faculty is considered among all the top universities. The public trust is also increased because the faculty has 38 lecturers and 35 academic staff in its Master study program.

“Take in mind that the interest in higher education in Semarang has increased these days. The city is eager, safe, and low on its living cost. Since the presence of Java toll and the renovated Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang has become more accessible,” Sawitri as a “Native Semarang” said.

As Abdul Ais’s wife and Aditya Putri Setyanegari’s mom, she teaches in bachelor’s and master’s programs. She is also teaching in Magister Study Program in the Management Faculty of Economic and Business and the Doctoral Program in the Faculty of Medicine. She had a chance to teach career development at a few universities in the United States and Australia as a visiting lecturer.

As a scholar, she also writes books, does research and publication, and becomes the editorial board member and reviewer in several reputable international journals. She has several journals which are Scopus indexed. The recent one is talking about the lecturer career with the title “Perceived research environment, motivation, and academic interest in research: A social-cognitive perspective” in International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance and the adolescent career, “Adolescent-parent career congruence as a predictor of job search preparatory behavior: The role of proactivity,” in Journal of Career. These journals are published in 2021.

At 43 years-old age, she becomes a familiar figure among the students. She also led the establishment of the UNDIP Career Centre (UCC) while gaining her predicate as a Professor. Behind the highest academic title and honorable position she has right now, she has a big responsibility that must be manifested in the faculty. 

The journey that she had experienced was not easy. She had experience working in lots of roles, such as; 

– Psychodiagnostic Laboratory Manager, 

– Secretary of the UNDIP Student Consultative Body (BKM),

– Secretary of the Laboratory of the Psychology Study Program,

– Expert Staff of the Assistant Dean II of the UNDIP Faculty of Psychology, 

– members of the Accreditation Team, 

– Head of the Procurement Receiver/Examiner Team, 

– as well as becoming the Expert Staff of the UNDIP Rector I Assistant and Deputy Dean Research and Innovation. 

“Hope for your support and prayers so that I am able to carry out my tasks and mandate. One of them is contributed in making UNDIP one of the world’s research universities. We highly put our priority, teamwork, and adaptability. The UNDIP Faculty of Psychology is also expanding our human resources in implementing the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. We persistently encourage the lecturer’s academic career with various transferable skills parallel with the technology. We also gather the alumni to stay connected and the industrial networks to support our campus activities to ensure the educational quality of our services for the student. Once again, please pray for us,” Dian Ratna Sawitri suggested.

Translator: Lyra Asaria Uthan
Tanggal: 19 Juni 2022