Master of Psychology Study Program, Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University has carried out a Non-SKS Workshop on Increasing the Capacity of Writing Scientific Papers with the theme “Multivariate Analysis Dependency Techniques in Psychological Research” Prof. Drs. Darmanto Jatman, Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University. This activity presented speakers from the Lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology, Airlangga University, Dr. Rahkman Ardi, M.Psych.
The material presented:
1. Modeling Assumptions
2. Basis and Purpose of Analysis
3. Statistical Assumptions
4. Jamovi Application Practice

This workshop aims to improve the ability of Master’s Students so that they can present scientific work that worth of publication. Faculty of Psychology Undip would like to thank Mr. Dr. Rahkman Ardi, M. Psych. who shared knowledge about writing scientific papers to Undip Psychology Masters Students.

Faculty of Psychology
Diponegoro University