The learning model at the Faculty of Psychology refers to SE No. 15 of 2022, considering conditions at the Faculty, such as adequate space, teaching lecturers, health protocols, and Subject Learning Outcomes (CPMK).

These are the following information:

  1. Learning is carried out offline for courses that require training and consultation with supervisors, such as making proposals and conducting expos
  2. Online learning for general introductory courses
  3. Hybrid learning: involving students from outside (the courses offered for MBKM). Technically, the class will be divided into 2, half going offline until before mid-term and alternately with the other half being online.
    The study program will divide students into two groups
  4. Learning method for:
    • Undergraduate Student Semester 1: offline, online
    • Undergraduate Student Semester 1: offline, online
    • S1 Student Semester 5: offline, hybrid, online
    • S2 students: offline
  5. Supervision of undergraduate theses and postgraduate theses can be done offline or online, according to an agreement with the thesis supervisors.
  6. Undergraduate thesis defense and postgraduate thesis defense are conducted offline.